Soft, Cosy Baby Blanket in Watermelon Pink


This gorgeous watermelon colour is one of my favourites from my new range of chunky yarn baby blankets. The variable tones of peach and pink look beautiful together. I’ve also used a variegated warp thread which has lovely citrus colours. I think they work beautifully together to create a blanket is a little different from the traditional pink.

When my own children were babies I loved having a blanket I could use in a stack of different ways – in the cot, in the car, out for a walk, having tummy time on the carpet and over my shoulder when I was feeding. It needed to be soft and it needed to be robust, it needed to breathe and it needed to look good. These are all the things that I had in mind as I designed and wove this particular range of baby blankets.

The blankets are made from an easy care acrylic yarn that also has a touch of wool for warmth. I have hand sewn a hem to avoid little fingers getting tangled in fringes. It can be washed in machine on the gentle cycle and is best dried flat on a towel (or folded in half and draped over the top of a drying rack or clothe line). In my experience the drying process doesn’t take too long, which is just as well for busy mums and dads.

The blanket measures 90cm x 95cm (35.5 x 37.5 inches) and is available now on Etsy.


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