A Leap Into The Dark

Sometimes you can plan a project and know (more or less) what will happen once you cut it from the loom.  Other times you take a wee bit of inspiration from here and there and it comes together as you weave, revealing itself as the first few weft picks are completed.  Then there are those other projects, where you go into the yarn shop, knowing that you have a new project in mind but that it has no real form yet, and you search for inspiration in the yarn itself and after a while (an hour, in my case!) one yarn jumps out, and things start to coalesce in your mind.

In the case of this project, all I know is that it will be a blanket for a wedding gift.  The new home for the blanket had hot summers and cool winters, but nothing that demanded a heavy weight, felted piece of weaving.  So the starting point was wool/cotton blends…from there, a charcoal grey component kept jumping to the front of my mind – an elegant option for a couple I know nothing of.  But a bit of colour was required to liven things up a bit…do I go with a contemporary design with a stripe on the side and a solid grey body…or a classic approach of a plaid…  Then the EUREKA moment!  Fibonacci stripes, graduating the grey into a colour and back again.  At that point, the colour yarn leapt out at my in the form of a variegated wool/acrylic in earthy grey-violet-rose-olive green colour-way.

So here we are, about to commence warping this new project that has me quivering in both delight and apprehension at the same time.  The only solution…is to START!

Yarn from the dark side - charcoal grey and a earthy colour blend.

Yarn from the dark side – charcoal grey and a earthy colour blend.


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