Super Chunky Basket Weave Blanket

I have a confession to make – this came off the loom a few months ago and I have been so busy using it to keep cosy on the couch that I forgot about sharing it.  Not that I ever share it.  With anyone (except Smudge the cat who insists!).

Anyway, I saw this amazing super-chunky yarn at the shops around six months ago and loved it, but couldn’t quite figure our the best way to work with it.  A few months later and it came up on sale so I did what I often do – bought it and told myself I’d figure out the ‘how’ stuff later!  Well I came across it in the stash during a cold snap and couldn’t walk away.

It was a delight to weave with a grew so very quickly.  I used a double-weave technique to weave two layers of cloth with a join on one side (as you can see from the picture on the left) which takes away the need to stitch two panels together.  Once off the loom the chunky yarn looks like basket weave, but I have to say that it does shed fibres all over the carpet.  Even after a few washes it still leaves it’s mark, so despite it’s good looks it isn’t a yarn I would used to create blankets for sale, but I still enjoy it myself.



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    […] that they weave up (it suits my attention span and need for instant gratification!).  I adored the super chunky blanket I made for my birthday and was so disappointed at the way the yarn shed fibres all over everything. […]

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