BBQ Blanket – Just in Time for Spring!

Here in the southern hemisphere Spring has arrived! Gorgeous days filled with sun followed by cool evenings. In our home, we don’t want to come inside when the sun sets so we break out our BBQ Blankets!  Our BBQ Blankets have to do a lot of work for us – they come to the beach to watch the sun set and they go with us when we travel by air to keep us warm in the airconditioning.  Of course you can use it around the pool or in front of the TV – anywhere you want to get cosy!

‘BBQ Blankets’ are small throws (about 1 metre/yard square) that sit perfectly on knees and laps to keep you warm and cosy around the outside table while you fire up the bar-b-que and pretend that summer is here (or if it is autumn or fall where you are and you are pretending that winter isn’t just around the corner)!

This throw uses bright citrus colours of orange, lime and yellow and pink. It is woven in two pieces and joined using a traditional invisible seam.

Size – 90cm x 95cm (35.5 x 37.5 inches)

This great housewarming or Christmas gift is available now on ETSY!



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