Wednesday WOW – Chicken Wire Farm

I am proud to be a true Kiwi chick and some of my fondest memories of growing up are from the South Island where we were on a farm for 18 mths (and where my family first arrived in New Zealand 150 years ago) – it was a cluster of experiences that won out over those in our previous homes in Fiji and PNG hands down.

So while we were on the farm, my first paying job was feeding our chickens and braving the hens to collect the eggs.  We went on to have chooks in a number of places and was delighted to watch my kids feeding our chickens and pigs 20 years later.

But even without that background, this installation at the Modern Met by London-based artist Benedetta Ubaldini is just gorgeous.  Check it out.

“The sculptures I create in chicken wire have no internal structure at all, therefore the play between presence and absence becomes the magical element of the work and gives each piece the lightness of an apparition, a ghost-like quality like a trace from memory or images from a dream.”


Benedetta Ubaldini at the Modern Met


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