Exciting New Range of Tablet Sleeves

To tell the truth, the fabric on these tablet sleeves started their life as a scarf, but when I saw the net as it came off my trusty rigid heddle loom, I knew it had another destiny.  I had some thoughts that the fabric would be great as some sort of bag maybe.  That was six months ago, and an international move got in the way of my slightly fuzzy vision.  But having resettled into New Zealand it all came together, and here we are.  Sometimes good things just take time.

I have sewn these iPad sleeves using fabric that I hand wove from Italian ribbon yarn, made from bamboo, cotton, rayon and nylon.  They are lined with black fleece.  They are great for protecting your investment with a stylish, hand-made cover.  I love bringing a hand-crafted aspect to the high tech gadgets in our lives.  The details:

  • External measurements 26cm x 21cm (10.25  x  8.25 inches)
  • Fits all iPads including iPad Air 2, without smart cover
  • Fits Kindle Fire HD 8.9
  • Fits Galaxy Tab 10
  • Fits iPad Mini with smart cover
  • Hand woven fabric on the outside and black fleece on the inside
  • All hidden seams, closure via an elastic loop and button
  • Available on ETSY for NZ$49.00



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