What’s Next?

I have been thinking about this question for a while, giving myself a panic attack when I couldn’t figure out the answer straight away.

I know that I love bulky yarns.  I love the way they feel in the hand and the speed that they weave up (it suits my attention span and need for instant gratification!).  I adored the super chunky blanket I made for my birthday and was so disappointed at the way the yarn shed fibres all over everything.  I had high hope for that yarn, and it still sits on the couch with the kids and the cat, and I resign myself to the extra vacuuming.

I have also had a guts full of double weave – the process by which you weave two layers of cloth on the loom at the same time.  It is great in that you can produce a piece of cloth that is double the width of your loom, but it is time consuming and fiddly to set up (two heddles need to be threaded – 180 slots and holes on each heddle), and the bottom layer can’t be seen so you are weaving in the blind, inevitably leading to repairs and rethreading once the piece is finished.  That is a part of the weaving game, but not my favourite part.

I like the idea of spinning to create exactly the type of yarn I like to work with but don’t know where I would find the time.  It would also blow the ‘hourly rate’ factor out of the water when it comes to pricing an item for sale.  Thirdly, I think I would have a mutiny on my hands if I took up yet more space at home with fibres and crafting ‘stuff’!

Sooooo….I have have ordered some roving (unspun wool) from Heavenly Wools in Canterbury…am looking into hand spinning and ‘quickly’ creating a super chunky ‘yarn’ to using for blanket weaving.  It will be a time for trial and error – felting, fulling, finishing…I have a lot of things to learn about using wool in such a raw state, but suddenly I am excited about it.  I can feel the grin on my face and the ticking of my brain, and suddenly I know what is next.

Heavenly Wools Roving


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