Weaving with Wool Roving

I love this Corriedale wool roving so much, I want to weave EVERYTHING from it.  I love the texture, the 3D effect, the softness, the quickness – everything!  This is a work in progress – having split the roving (a long continuous column of carded (combed) fleece, about the diameter of your wrist) into six ‘strands’ the width of my finger.  I then fended off the cat while hand winding the lengths into balls.  This required care, as if there is too much tension on the fleece it gets thin and will separate.  This isn’t a disaster though, as the transition from the end of one strand to the start of the new strand in the weaving is seamless and invisible – after all they are just fibres lying alongside each other.

The loom is set up with some brilliantly contrasting hot pink acrylic yarn.  I wanted the colour to really pop and provide a contrast with the natural-ness of the roving.  The actual weaving was great fun and so easy and quick.  Now that the fabric net is off the loom I will felt it a little in very hot water and detergent, to encourage the wool fibres to meld together and produce a stronger fabric.  The ultimate destination is cushion covers in time for the Christmas markets.  The question I have for myself is whether to stick with my original plan of having a coordinating commerical fabric on the reverse side of the cushion (ie hot pink flamingoes or something 😉 ) or have the fleece on both sides.

What do you think?


6 responses to Weaving with Wool Roving

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  2. Rosiejpm

    I really love the pattern you’re creating, it looks fab! I can’t imagine how hard it is to fend off a cat while simultaneously winding up roving!
    What loom do you use? I’ve got a table top rigid heddle, and I’ve been thinking of getting it out from under the bed again and making something pretty 🙂

    • jennishah Post Author

      Thanks @rosiejpm. I use an Ashford rigid heddle loom that I have duck taped onto a small tapestry loom as a stand 🙂

  3. KerryCan

    This looks wonderful! What a great idea to use the bright pink for warp–it adds so much visual punch! I’d vote for using a jazzy commercial fabric for the reverse sides.

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