The Recycled Bag Bag Winner!

As a part of my feature on Felt over the last few week, they ran a competition for one of my new Recycled Bag Bags – the fantastic tote bags created from a fabric that uses at least 20 supermarket shopping bags.  I am delighted to announce that Karyn from Auckland was the winner with the following comment:

Jenni sounds like she has an interesting life, and I particularly like the idea of the Systemiser in a hot red dress (maybe a bit Jessica Rabbit?). What really appeals though is reusing 20 god-awful supermarket shopping bags and turning them into something beautiful and strong. I bet my wine bottles wouldn’t fall through one of those little numbers :)”

Congratulations Karyn!  I can vouch for two bottles of wine and various snacks safely transported in my own Recycled Bag Bag just this weekend 😉  Kiwis, get yours here!  International buyers might prefer to get their Recycled Bag Bags on Etsy.

Recycled Plastic Yarn Tote Bag

Recycled Plastic Yarn Tote Bag


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