The Pukeko

Pukeko are found everywhere in New Zealand.  These purple swamp hens can be seen all the way from the far south to the north, beside lakes, beaches and motorways too.  They are a close cousin of the Takahe.

Pukekos are blue and black, with a bright red bill and legs.  They have a white under-tail that isn’t often seen.

A part of my New Zealand Birds series, the Tui long scarf, infinity scarf and wrap are made from New Zealand yarns that honour the inspiration I find in New Zealand nature.  Each is unique and made to order, creating a very special, wearable momento of New Zealand.  These are stunning gifts for special occasions or special guests.  The New Zealand Bird Series features Kereru, Kiwi, Kokako, Pukeko and Tui. For enquiries and order information, please email me at

In your hands you are holding a piece of New Zealand.  The wool, alpaca, possum down, cashmere and mohair fleeces were gathered by New Zealand shearers from animals grazing on New Zealand pastures.  They were spun and dyed with New Zealand hands.  They were then handwoven by a sixth generation New Zealander following designs inspired by our New Zealand birds – Tui, Kiwi, Kereru (wood pigeon), Pukeko and Kokako.

Pukeko Concept

Pukeko Concept

Pukeko Wrap

Pukeko Wrap


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