The Big Blanket

This was the most popular Wrapt creation at the recent Auckland Fair by far – our sample blanket was stroked and caressed so often I thought it might be worn through!  We decided that ‘squishy’ was the word of the day, as the term used most often to describe the Big Blanket.

A giant, super chunky blanket made from 100% New Zealand wool – this project has been floating through my mind since I started weaving with wool roving to create cushion covers.  Wool roving is un-spun wool fleece – the state that wool is prior to the process of spinning.  It looks a lot like fairy floss and makes me smile just as much.

RovingBlanket (2) (800x600)

The Big Blanket – 100% New Zealand Wool in a super chunky blanket.

The roving is a heap of fun to weave with – so soft and airy.  The weaving grows quickly and it is so rewarding when it comes off the loom.  The blanket is woven in traditional panels and then joined using a decorative stitch.

The Big Blanket is available in the following sizes:

  • Lap Rug (100x100cm) (39×39 inches)
  • Throw Rug (150x150cm) (59×59 inches)
  • Single Bed (100x200cm) (39×79 inches)
  • Double Bed (150x200cm) (59×79 inches)
  • Queen Bed (200x200cm) (79×79 inches)
  • Kind Bed (250x200cm) (98×79 inches)

Our sample blanket shown here has natural cream roving with a matching cream warp, and a contrasting charcoal edge stitch and joining stitch.  There is almost an unlimited number of colour combinations available, as each order is bespoke – made just for you in the colours and size that you want.

Get in quickly to secure your Big Blanket, perfect for the sofa or on the bed.  Gorgeous!


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