Tweed, Chanel and the Isle of Harris

When I’m not translating feather colours into yarn explosions in my work on Wrapt in New Zealand pieces I am toying around with different yarns and textures on my two rigid heddle looms and the four shaft (6 tredle) floor loom.  Did I mention that they are all made by Ashford, a great little New Zealand company based in the South Island.  I love that, and I love my Ashford looms!

My current obsession on the floor loom is twill, that lovely, simple weave structure that creates neat diagonal lines in the cloth and beautiful drape at the same time.  Take a look at the denim in the jeans you are wearing – yup, twill.

While I was mooching around the internet (as you do) looking at yarns and fabrics and colours and textures for inspiration I came across this stunning video, and I am now officially obsessed with Chanel tweed.  I adore the colour and texture in these handwoven samples.

I love that this style of weaving, that has always inspired me most, is not only ‘real’ but highly valued and sought-after.  Pick up any weaving book and there will be endless (wonderful) examples of intricately woven FLAT pieces of fabric.  While I admire the technique and skill of this type of weaving, it never really grabbed me by the throat and screamed YYEEEEESSSS!!  This DID!!

So I have watched and been inspired by the talent on this video dozens of times – each time I spot something new that makes me think “What if….?”.  So now my head is exploding with concepts and I am torn between scouring the internet for more on Tweeds, the Isle of Harris, boucle tweed yarns and throwing something on a loom…but more on that next time.


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