Hi, I’m Jen!

My first weaving encounter was as a child in Papua New Guinea, where I saw plaited mats used in all aspects of life – floor coverings, blankets and traditional clothing, baskets, fishing, you name it.

It caught my eye again much later, when I started to paint with oils – texture fascinated me and I loved playing with interweaving painted canvas strips.

When we moved our family to the Cook Islands, the craft women of Aitutaki guided me through long and involved process of weaving (plaiting) my own pandanus floor mat.  It was an incredibly rewarding experience.

Alas, our time in the tropics came to an end, and we found ourselves settling into the middle of a freezing winter in Melbourne, Australia. My love of hand-crafts and weaving shifted direction and I started to create woollen blankets to keep us cozy through the transition from the balmy tropics to the chilly city.

Now we have returned to base – Auckland, New Zealand.  I get to have the best of all worlds – stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, a melting pot of cultures plus glorious summers and winters to cosy up in.  Perfect!

Aitutaki Mat Weaving

Weaving in the Cook Islands

After we moved to the Cook Islands I saw weaving (plaiting) in everyday life.  I really wanted to make my own, but found that there were fewer and fewer women making traditional crafts.  I was finally introduced to ‘Auntie’ Josie and the ladies of the Vainetini craft co-op, and they guided me through the process.

Outrigger Canoeing at Sunset on Aitutaki

8 Things You Don’t Know About Me

What do the number eight, the colour blue, Aitutaki, outrigger canoeing, tropical islands, New Zealand, Australia, the Cook Islands, Lost and the West Wing have in common…?
Build Your Own Loom

Making Your Own Loom

When I caught the fibre bug again in Melbourne, I started with a cardboard box loom.  That was never going to be enough!  So I started building a loom of my own, combining a picture frame, some ice-block sticks, a few rubber bands and some inspiration from the internet.

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