10 Reasons Why a Scarf from Wrapt in New Zealand is the Best Gift You'll Ever Give

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A Meaningful & Authentic New Zealand Gift

So why is a scarf or wrap from Wrapt in New Zealand the best choice for your next corporate gift?  Here are 10 good reasons:

  1. Enduring and long lasting - unlike a fruit basket, there is nothing to be consumed and forgotten here.
  2. Portable - no need for an excess baggage allowance to carry that bulky gift home.
  3. Non-breakable - textiles are flexible and not at all fragile.
  4. Non-alcoholic - alcohol isn't a safe gift any more; with a Wrapt in New Zealand scarf or wrap there is no need to worry about busting someone's diet or worse, give offense.
  5. Lightweight and easily posted - sending overseas is a breeze.
  6. Works with carry-on luggage  - no need to worry about those liquid allowances at the airport. 
  7. Unique - Wrapt in New Zealand create hand crafted pieces can't be replicated.
  8. Meaningful - a thoughtful gift that creates a true connection with you and New Zealand.
  9. Memorable - stand out from the crowd by not giving a gift that will just be added to the pile.
  10. Authentic - made by Kiwi hands using Kiwi yarns; a genuine piece of NZ

What are you waiting for? Don't go straight to the "Wine & Fruit Basket" option - contact us today to order your authentic New Zealand gift!

Meaningful and authentic New Zealand gifts handwoven by Wrapt in New Zealand

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