January is Professional Development Time

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Here in New Zealand January is summer holiday break.  I like to use these first weeks of January as my ‘Professional Development’ time where I try new weave structures, new yarns and new weights.

Here is the first learning the 2018 - a double weave block project.  For weavers, here are some details:  I have a four shaft jack loom from Ashford; the yarn is shiny rayon 54wpi sett at 27 epi (warp ends per inch) but doubled for the double-weave which makes a crammed 54 epi in my 8 dent reed!  

Double weave fine rayon block scarf

In everyday English, the yarn is a super shiny and slippery rayon thread (a fiber created mechanically from plants such as bamboo or eucalyptus) that mimics silk, and is a super fine weight, especially for me.  I have used white, yellow and gold. You can see the shine here. 

The weave structure is called double-weave which sets up the loom with two layers of cloth that you can weave at the same time. You can weave cylinders, join the layers on one side so that the cloth can be unfolded once it comes off the loom, plus a couple of other tricks including interlacing the two layers where the top becomes a mirror image of the bottom and you can create these blocks.  You can see the the random alternating blocks above. 

Double Weave Block Setup on Four Shafts

As for my PD, the fineness of the threads are a challenge, the slippery rayon is a challenge and this use of the double-weave structure is working my brain too!  

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