Planning for 2018

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Now that we have slept off the holiday excesses and dragged ourselves back to work, it is time to ask that inevitable question "What do I want to achieve in 2018"?  I'm not talking about New Years Resolutions (when have they ever worked?), I'm talking about taking a quiet moment to think about what 2018 holds for us.
Rainbow motivation 2018 planning pot of gold rainbow jackpot
This is a photo from my summer and it really speaks to me about goals and targets and that 'one-in-a-million' jackpot.  Of course if it leads to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow then that's even better!  But seriously, it has nudged me into
  • setting some serious goals (like entering a woven piece into a competition),
  • evaluating the weaving that excited me the most in 2017 (learning to dye yarns and hand paint warps for my watercolour scarves),
  • looking at my most successful lines from last year (the Recycled Bag Bags) and how I can be smarter in making them, 
  • and looking at what didn't work as well (mmmm that's like choosing the least favourite child!)
  • and finally choosing a direction for new product development (all I can say is finely woven fabrics, shining gold and red rayon threads, and evening bags....)

So that's the outline of my year - what does yours look like?

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