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Kokako Scarf handcrafted by Wrapt in New Zealand

A traditional long scarf, handwoven from exclusive New Zealand yarns in colours inspired by the native Kokako bird - pewter greys and dark silvers, with a black and blue 'feather' yarn detailBoth the scarf and the birds are absolutely unique - no two are exactly alike. 

    • Size: 30cm x 180cm (11.8 inches x 70.9 inches)
    • Scarves are handwoven in New Zealand to order
    • Pieces will be crafted and dispatched within 10 working days
    • ** FREE SHIPPING **

The Process

Wrapt in New Zealand uses Merino and rare breed wools, corriedale, possum down and alpaca, cashmere and mohair fleeces from animals raised in New Zealand. These yarns are spun and dyed by kiwi artisans before being transformed by a sixth-generation New Zealander into stunning, one-of-a-kind, hand-woven pieces inspired by the colours of the birds of Aotearoa.

Wrapt in New Zealand has an uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship. It takes several days to transform more than a kilometre of yarn into a finished piece. Individual motifs inspired by Maori & Pacifica design are painstakingly added, uniquely customising each piece.

Each piece is individually presented and includes details of the story and inspiration for each design.  No two pieces are the same – the inspiration is expressed differently in each piece.

The Inspiration

Of all the New Zealand birds the kōkako is said to have the most beautiful song.  It’s ancestors have been in New Zealand since it’s split away from Gondwana.  The North Island kōkako has blue wattles, the South Island, orange—both have striking blue-grey plumage and a black face mask.

In Maori myth, it was the kōkako that filled it’s wattles with water to give to Maui as he fought the sun to slow it’s passage across the sky. It was rewarded with long and slender legs, enabling the bird to bound through the forest with ease in search of food.

Also Available

Designs are available as:

  • Blanket/Throw (110cm x 110cm)
  • Wrap/Shawl (50cm x 175cm)
  • Traditional Scarf (30cm x 180cm)
  • Lightweight Infinity Scarf (20cm x 150cm)

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