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The Recycled Plastic Tote Bag

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A tote bag created using recycled plastic shopping bags.

A bag made from bags? Confused? These groovy tote bags are made from recycled plastic supermarket bags that have been cut into strips. These strips are then hand-woven on a loom to create a pliable and strong fabric which is then sewn into multi-purpose, reusable bags.

So stylish, so practical and so good for the environment - these smart looking tote bags have used 20 supermarket shopping bags that would have otherwise ended up in our oceans or landfill. Great for a reusable shopping bag, at the beach or the pool.

The bags are sturdy, and the plarn (plastic yarn) is wonderfully soft and tactile. Each bag has a unique combination of light and dark plastic stripes.  The cotton warp thread is in bright summery colour of red, yellow, lime and peach.

All the plastic supermarket bags used in these totes have been collected by friends, family and community groups specifically for this project.

The bags can be washed down with the hose (after those beach trips) or just shaken out. Hang out on the line to dry!

40cm wide x 40cm deep with a 10cm wide box base.
(15.75 inches wide x 15.75 inches deep with a 4 inch wide box base)