Pukeko Collage


Pūkeko is the Māori name for the purple swamp-hen.  It is found throughout New Zealand, foraging in town and country but belonging to the wetlands.  The colour red was associated with nobility and power by Māori, so the pūkeko was held in high esteem  because of its red beak and legs. Pūkeko are known for their bold scheming and determination, and are a close relation of the Takahē.  
Wrapt in New Zealand uses Merino and rare breed wools, possum down and alpaca, cashmere and mohair fleeces from animals raised in New Zealand.  These yarns are spun and dyed by kiwi artisans before being transformed by a sixth-generation New Zealander into stunning, one-of-a-kind, hand-woven pieces inspired by the colours of the birds of Aotearoa. Wrapt in New Zealand has an uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship.  It takes several days to transform more than a kilometre of yarn into a finished piece.  Individual motifs inspired by Maori & Pacifica design are painstakingly added, uniquely customising each piece. A Wrapt in New Zealand gift shows genuine appreciation of the contribution your special guest has made to your organisation or event.  Not only will it blow them away now, but it will become a spectacular memento of their time in New Zealand and their relationship with you. Each piece is individually presented and includes details of the story and inspiration for each design.  Care instructions are also included. Designs are available as:
  • Blanket/Throw (110cm x 110cm)
  • Wrap/Shawl (50cm x 175cm)
  • Traditional Scarf (25cm x 170cm)
  • Lightweight Infinity Scarf (20cm x 150cm)
Standard packaging:
  • Wrapped in protective tissue and twine
  • Story card & care instructions
Packaging upgrades include:
  • Traditional flax ‘kete’ bag
  • Woven flax box
  • Your brand on a label affixed to the piece
Items are woven to order and usually require a 2-4 week lead time. Contact us today to discuss how you can amaze your special guests with their own piece of New Zealand.

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